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Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting. Once the meeting has been held, this agenda will be moved to the page for that meeting, and a new agenda created.

Saskatoon Techworks General Meeting Agenda

— Time and Location —

  • Tuesday, January 11, 2022 7pm
  • Location: Saskatoon TechWorks, 412 44th St E, and remote Zoom meeting
  • Previous meeting minutes (please read ahead of time)
  • Regular Items
  • Previous meeting minutes
    • December 14, 2021
  • New Members
    • none this month
  • Exiting members
    • Dale Wiebe
    • Mena Ryan
  • Finances
  • Social events / group projects
    • Future Workshops / events
      • Whiskey Barrel fundraiser - Ask Rylan
    • Newsletter sign up - Newsletter
      • workshops, events, projects, upcoming info -
  • Old Business
    • Equipment
      • air distribution and vac piping
      • OMIO - spindle speed is controlled directly on the VFD, for now
      • Bandsaw was not tracking correctly - Dale fixed
      • Laser lenses needed cleaning - Dale cleaned
      • engraving lens is out of alignment
  • To Do List
    • Add/Remove/Assign to list
  • If a problem is found with the facilities please contact the board
  • New business
    • AGM coming up - March 8th
      • official announcement will be emailed out next month
      • we need a member to be returning officer
      • working on voting options - will be finalised before AGM
      • any suggestions to bylaw changes will be emailed out prior to meeting
    • Open Floor
  • Acknowledgements
    • Thanks to Dale for fixing the bandsaw
    • Thanks to Mena for continuing to do the newsletter
    • Thanks to Torban for taking on finances
    • Thanks to Wyatt/Jim for cleaning
  • Next Meeting - January 11, 2022
  • Purgatory box
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