3D Printers:

Laser Cutter:

  • Ruida controller with 1300mm x 1020mm bed and 130W tube.

Electronics bench:

  • Aouye soldering station with adjustable iron and hot air rework gun.
  • Adjustable Weller soldering station.
  • Fixed temperature Weller soldering station.
  • plus a variety of multimeters, older oscilloscopes, function generators, a frequency counter, and hand tools.

Hand tools:

  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • wrenches
  • crimpers
  • wire cutters / strippers
  • files
  • nibbler
  • squares
  • levels
  • hammers
  • brushes
  • and more

In our "Wood Room":

  • “Laguna” our CNC router with approximately 48“ x 48” bed. (Good for woods and plastics)
  • large bandsaw with wood blade
  • miter saw
  • table saw (Upgraded 2022)
  • scroll saw

In our "Metal Room":

  • OMIO X6-2200l CNC router. (Can cut aluminium)
  • large drill press
  • bench grinder
  • small bench sander
  • cordless drills
  • jigsaw
  • dremel tools
  • skilsaw
  • more hand tools
  • 12“ x 36” metal lathe (requires special training)

In the Library:

  • there are a surprising variety of books available on topics ranging from beginner electronics to advanced materials science.


Please add things you are leasing or giving to the space.

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