MakerBot Replicator 2

Link: to printer server, this link only works at Techworks. (Link currently does NOT work. Use the SD card method below.)

This printer is a classic in the shop. Its a 2012 printer with a print volume 285x153x155mm. It is configured to print with PLA only.

You MAY NOT leave this printer unattended. It lacks the safety mechanisms of newer printers and has destroyed itself in the past.

Loading or Changing Filament

To unload filament that is currently loaded in the printer, use the arrow keys on the printer to find “Utilities”→“Change Filament”→“Unload”. Wait for the extruder to heat up and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the filament is out of the extruder, pull it back through the feed tube, remove the spool from the back of the printer, and store the spool properly.

To load new filament, place the spool on one of the spool holders on the back of the printer. Ensure that the filament is not tangled on the spool and that it comes off the bottom of the spool towards the feed tube. (It will jam if you do it the other way.) If it's not already, pull the feed tube straight up out of the extruder. Feed the filament through the feed tube until it emerges near the print head. Using the arrow keys find “Utilities”→“Change Filament”→“Load”. Wait for the extruder to heat up and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the filament is feeding properly, make sure to insert the feed tube back into the top of the extruder.


To print using this printer you must first download and install MakerBot Desktop.

Launching the application you will be greeted with a virtual view of the print bed. Drag and drop your STLs into the view space. Your model can be adjusted using the scale, move, and rotate tools on the left. Once you're happy with your print you can click on preview in the top right to view the sliced print. From the preview screen you can export. If you are uploading to the print server you must export as gcode. If you are printing with a SD card you must export as a x3g file.

Check that the printer bed is clear of any previous prints and plastic debris before starting your print.

Printing from Server

Using the link above to connect to the octoPrint server. The generic username is “SKTW” and the password is “print”. Personalized account can be made in order to receive email or text message updates from the printer once the service is available.

Once logged in, check the connection status on the top left. If the printer is not connected set the Serial Port to “/dev/tty/ACM0”, the Baudrate to 115200, and the profile to Replicator 2 then click connect. To upload files to the printer simply drag and drop your files onto the left side of the browser or use the upload button and locate your files. Your file should appear in the file viewer. To print, click on the title of your file. The details will appear under the “State” section. Once ready hit print.

Printing with a SD card

SD cards MUST be 2gb or less. Simply save the exported file to the SD card. Walk the SD card over to the printer and insert it just above the display. Use the arrow keys to go to “Print from SD” and select your files

  • SD card slot is limited to 2gb cards
  • SD card MUST be formatted as x3g files
  • Server Based prints Must be formatted as gcode files
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