Where to Buy Parts

Wood, Tools, and Hardware


  • WD Plastics — For sheet plastics such as ABS, Acrylic, PETG (co-poly) for use in the laser, or HDPE for use on Goliath.

3D Printer Filament

The Makerbot uses 1.75mm PLA. The really cheap stuff doesn't work well.

  • B&E Electronics — B & E carries MG Chemicals. Our members have had good luck with this filament
  • Amazon — Amazon carries AMZ3D. Some of our members have reported good luck.
  • Solarbotics — eSun seems to work well.
  • HobbyKing — also carries eSun.


  • TechWorks Store — Techworks has a wide variety of parts available in our store.
  • FingerTech Robotics — Local supplier of motors, wheels, Garolyte, and robot kits – Also available through Saskatoon TechWorks; talk to Kurtis Wanner
  • Express Hobbies ( 411 34th Street East) — R/C, Models, Materials, 3D Printing filament and more.
  • B&E Industrial Electronics (103-2518 Faithfull Ave) — Local supplier of electronics. Limited stock, but can often order parts in cheaper than ordering through Digi-Key.
  • Digi-Key — Canadian mail-order supply for almost any parts imaginable. Prices are a bit higher than others.
  • Mouser Electronics — American-based business with a Canadian outlet. Larger selection than Digi-Key.
  • BG Micro — Surplus electronics. You can often find useful stuff for cheap, but some of it is just cheap.
  • SparkFun Electronics — Hobbyist electronics. Great for prototyping materials (Arduinos, shields, sensors, etc.). Prices are sometimes a bit high.
  • Seeed Studio — Chinese manufacturer of hobbyist electronics. Many open source hardware projects at extremely low prices. Also does custom PCB manufacturing.
  • Gold Phoenix PCB Co. — Cheap Chinese manufacturer of custom PCBs.
  • AP CircuitsExpensive, fast Calgary manufacturer of custom PCBs.
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