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Saskatoon Techworks General Meeting Minutes

— Time and Location —

  • Tuesday, November 9, 2021 7pm
  • Location: Saskatoon TechWorks, 412 44th St E, and remote Zoom meeting
  • Previous meeting minutes (please read ahead of time)
Meeting Minutes
  • Non-quorum meeting - 6 members in attendance
  • Regular Items
  • Previous meeting minutes
    • October 12, 2021
  • New Members
    • None
  • Exiting members
    • Jeff Martens-Koop
    • Jared Francis
    • Brent Evjen
  • Finances
    • Torban is new treasurer
    • Deferred until Torban gets up to speed
  • Social events / group projects
    • Future Workshops / events
    • Newsletter sign up - Newsletter
      • workshops, events, projects, upcoming info -
  • Old Business
    • Equipment
      • air distribution and vac piping - James Chamberlain is back and will be working on these improvements
      • OMIO - received needed parts - repair should be completed shortly
      • Space has been rearranged - may be a few more minor shuffles in the future as people use the space and we determine the best arrangement
      • Torban to buy orbital sander
      • switch box for mill needs to be put back on before mill is used
  • To Do List
    • Add/Remove/Assign to list
  • If a problem is found with the facilities please contact the board
  • New business
    • Board of director responsibilities
      • Treasurer - Torban will be taking on the role of treasurer
      • Andrew will be stepping down from his position on the board
        • Andrew was unable to attend the meeting so his resignation speech was spoken by John on his behalf. it reads:
        • “Hello everyone. As of the end of tonight's meeting, I will no longer be a board member of Saskatoon Techworks, Inc. I have been a board member since 2017 and have, until recently, enjoyed my time on the board as it has been a great opportunity and learning experience for me. However, it is with great concern over the current state of the board that I must resign. The current board is dysfunctional and is no longer operating in good faith. It is not my place nor is it appropriate for me to air the boards dirty laundry, so to speak, to the rest of the membership, however, I want to leave with this message. The board of Saskatoon Techworks is responsible for the legal operations of the corporation and to act in good faith in response to their duties. Any attempts on my part to correct the dysfunction would inhibit the boards ability to take care of the daily legal tasks required of it. It is for that reason I am resigning and taking the issues on from the perspective of a member instead of that as a board member. I urge the membership to hold the board accountable and to give serious thought to who is elected at the next AGM. I thank you all for electing me over the years and I hope to continue to be around the space to see it grow for many years to come. ”
      • Scott will be taking over as Secretary
    • Open Floor
      • Email from store should be working
      • working towards moving to hosted vps for website
  • Acknowledgements
    • Thanks Scott for adding some lube to the front door
    • Thanks the Rylan, Dylan, Kevin for rearranging the dirty/clean room
    • Thanks to Jim cleaning and organizing
    • Thanks to Andrew for making the process smooth of exiting from the board
    • Thanks to Andrew for his many years of service on the board
    • Thanks to Scott,Rylan and John for getting projects to Mena for newsletter
  • Next Meeting - December 14, 2021
  • Purgatory box
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