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No Quorum, so technically no meeting.

Started discussion at 7:35pm.

Previous meeting minutes December 10, 2019 - Did not vote on these

New Members Chris Kotelmach - no objections

Finances - See James for details. - Forecasting a loss of $196 per month. - Just shy of $50k limit for GST. Don't make any extra sales.

Social events / group projects - Small talk / Show and Tell January 28

Future Workshops / events - Grand opening of new space - February 15th, 2020

Newsletter sign up - talk to Mena - workshops - events - projects - upcoming info

Old Business - dust masks are available

To Do List remove from list Add to list assign from list if a problem is found with the facilities please contact the board

New business - Expanding into front area - Usage - Clean, quiet and odorless - Usage - video editing/studio - Vinyl cutter (cameo 3) - Table - like in the clean room - Grand opening of new area - February 15 - Techworks 9 years of operation - activities - volunteers

Suggestion for Door system change to HID system - HID option - 13.56MHz option

Open Floor - New printer! Photon S is ordered. (Fundraised by Rylan/David) - Consider a new tool, Taylor would like us to consider getting a nice stick welder. - Torban's laser maybe?

Acknowledgements - Thanks for replacement of door handles (kevin) - Thanks for donation of vinyl cutter - Scott and Torban for building wall - Rylan for fundraising for the new printer?

Next Meeting - February 11, 2020 Purgatory box

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