Corporate Name

Saskatoon TechWorks, Inc.

This corporation is a membership corporation, not a charitable corporation.

Board of Directors

See Board of Directors.

The corporation shall have no fewer than 3 and no greater than 7 directors.

Classes of Membership

This may be inaccurate. Please see the talk page.

We will have two classes of membership:

  • Full members are entitled to vote on motions at general meetings.
  • Non-voting members are not entitled to a vote.
Restrictions of Activities

The activities of the corporation are restricted to providing facilities, social and other like services to members of the corporation and their guests.


In the event that Saskatoon TechWorks ceases operation:

  • Any assets will be liquidated. [Remember that leased materials and tools will be returned to the lessees first, as per our equipment lease agreement.]
  • Any remaining funds to be distributed evenly among full members.

Ryan Silk
1137 Ave K South
Saskatoon, SK
S7M 2G4

Andrew Bergman PO Box 192
Langham, SK
S0K 2L0

Location of registered office

This may be inaccurate. Please see the talk page.

109-203A Tait Place
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 5L7

Other Provisions
  • A director is required to be a member of the corporation.
  • The bylaws may not require more than a majority of members to constitute a quorum at a meeting of members.
  • Except in the case of first bylaws after incorporation, all bylaws shall be made, amended or repealed by the members in general meeting. First bylaws shall be substituted at the first meeting of members and may by general resolution be confirmed, rejected or amended.
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