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About Us

Saskatoon TechWorks is a hackerspace in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We are located at 412 44th Street East.


The aims of Saskatoon TechWorks are as follows:

  • Build and maintain a space and community suitable for technical and social collaboration.
  • Collaborate on all forms of technology, culture, and craft in new and interesting ways.
  • Promote education and the sharing of knowledge and skills.

The Space

The Saskatoon TechWorks hackerspace is located at 412 44th Street East. We have over 1500 sq. ft. of space that is available to members 24/7. It is divided into a clean room and a dirty room. Our dust-producing tools and our dust collection system are kept in the dirty room, while the rest of the operations continue in the clean room. We have several tables and workbenches for working on projects and multiple storage units for members to store their projects.


We have a large (and growing) collection of tools available for all members to use. This include basic electrical, woodworking, and mechanical tools, as well as:

  • a CNC router
  • a mitre saw
  • a scroll saw
  • a drill press
  • a circular saw
  • a table saw
  • a band saw
  • several soldering stations
  • bench power supplies
  • an EEPROM and microcontroller programmer
  • a basic oscilloscope and logic analyzer
  • an ABS-based 3D printer
  • a laser cutter
  • a sewing machine
  • and many more

Several of our members also have larger, specialized tools that they are willing to let other members use on an as-needed basis.


We have over 30 members from a variety of backgrounds. For careers, our members vary from engineers and programmers to nurses and real estate agents. At the space, the projects and the skills involved vary from programming, to carpentry, to sewing, to painting.

When we aren't working on projects, we partake in other activities, such as board, card, and video games. Many members have found themselves making friends that extend beyond Techworks. It's also a great opportunity to network with local businesses and find new job opportunities.

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