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Agenda for Next Meeting

This is the agenda for the next meeting. Once the meeting has been held, this agenda will be moved to the page for that meeting, and a new agenda created.

Time and Location

Annual General Meeting
  • Regular items
    • Previous meeting minutes
    • New Membership
  • AGM Items
    • Chairman's Address
    • Financials
      • Past Year Finances
      • Budget Going forward
    • Election of Board of Directors
      • Explaination
      • Ballots
      • Declaration of Elected Directors
  • Social events / group projects
    • Game day/night
    • Social night
    • Presentation about Hackerspace at Francis Morrison library on March 30
    • Robot building workshop hosted by Al on June 24 at library
    • Soldering workshop hosted by John on 23 March
    • Laser Training to come
    • Small talk / Show and Tell
      • Volunteer for March 28
  • Acknowledgements
    • Scott for continuing to improve the store
    • James for revamping the finances
    • Albert for getting Techworks name out there / colaberations
    • cleaning
    • maintenance
    • positives advancements for Techworks
  • Continued Items
  • Equipment maintenance schedule
    • New procedure for laser cutter
  • New business
    • Scrap bin
    • development of door system
  • Outside Collaborations
    • Public Library March 30
  • Material policy
    • Purgatory box
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