Techworks Has Syncthing!

Many of you are already using the complementary file storage on Spacefiles for moving files between different computers at TechWorks. Until now, however, you still needed to physically bring your files to the space on a laptop, thumbdrive, or email it to yourself and retrieve it via webmail. No More! We have now installed Syncthing on Spacefiles so you can sync your shared folder with a remote computer. If you would like to try this yourself, install the appropriate version of SyncThing on your home computer, then email me ( your Device ID (depending on the version, you might find this under Actions→Show ID) and your folder name, and I'll get it set up for you. Or, if you're really adventurous, feel free to try the highly experimental self-service option found at: (You will need to use a browser that will allow you to bypass the security warnings. Chrome won't. Obviously, this will only work when you are connected to the network at the space.)

Since there is no security on the public share on spacefiles, treat this folder with care. Make a new folder for this on your home computer. Don't store anything important in that folder. Anyone at TechWorks is able to delete it, modify it, or even to add their own files to your folder. If you experience anything malicious, please let me know.

For windows, download Syncthing from here:

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