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Meeting minutes: October 10, 2017
  • Attendance: 12 members (Quorum)
  • Motion to accept meeting minutes from September 12, 2017 accepted unanimously
  • New Members
    • Robert Wilson
    • Erika Hartman
  • Finances
    • James read a summary of August and September finances.
  • Social events
    • 24 October 2017, need volunteer for presentation
    • 27-29 October 2017, Calgary Maker Faire
    • 28-29 October 2017, pet expo at Market Mall in old zellers building. Will be a table setup if anyone is interested.
    • Christmas Workshops
      • soap making - 16 November 2017
      • decorations - 18 November 2017
    • The board is currently hashing out an idea to give workshop attendees a discounted introductory membership rate to techworks
      • There was no opposition to this idea from the membership in attendance
  • Acknowledgements
    • Taylor for working on drywall
    • James for doing the finances
  • Equipment maintenance schedule
    • laser cutters need flow sensors
      • John has taken responsibility for this item
    • Big wood bandsaw needs a new blade again
      • This was replaced not that long ago, someone must be cutting metal with it and prematurely wearing out the blade
    • New spindle for the router came in
      • John is excited
      • New procedures need to be developed once the new spindle is installed
      • Current spindle/collet holder is damaged, use router with caution until new spindle is installed
  • New Business
    • New rental agreement
      • Used for renting space at SKTechworks, details the agreement between the member and SKTechworks
      • Rental agreement forms are above spacebox
    • Jeff made a suggestion to add castor wheels to some of the equipment to make it easier to move and use
      • no objections, need volunteer. Anyone willing will get reimbursed by SKTechworks just make a plan and submit to the board for approval before proceeding
      • John has ideas on how to accomplish this
  • Next Meeting - 14 November 2017
  • Material Policy
    • Purgatory Box
  • Motion to adjourn accepted unanimously
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