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Meeting Mintues: December 10, 2013
  • Regular Items
    • Attendance: 10 members, 1 associate
    • Reports on Committees
      • Financials update
        • ~$3200 in bank
        • 32 full members, 2 associate
      • Workshop Committee
        • Sheila requests a Solidworks class, Andrew says he will get to it. Peetros also offered.
        • December gift workshops?
        • Albert - casting/molding (multiple classes)
        • Soap making (if people are interested in a rerun)
        • Albert - Laser cutter workshop
        • Peachy Printer build/test day
        • Training on big laser cutter will be a small group selected by board members.
    • Tools
      • CNC vacuum shoe - Albert still on it
      • Index drill set missing several bits. Kurtis will purchase a new set when they go on sale.
      • Voted to return ShopSmith to Jason – have no need for it. Rylan offered to take it to his dad's for him.
    • Space cameras - Kurtis and Scott will setup later.
    • Petrotag left us their security system.
    • Associate membership - James new signup procedure?
  • New Business
    • Ray builds CNC routers and plans to make a metal 5-axis mill. Peachy willing to fund him to build one. Will we take it at Techworks and how big can we handle? What do we do with Goliath? Need more info about the design – what it can do and how big it will be – to decide.
    • T-shirts arrived. $10 each. They are awesome. Buy one today! First come, first serve.
    • Chad has a router table available (no router). A few people interested, so we'll take it.
    • Albert and Scott will run wire for internet tonight.
    • New RFID reader on the way.
    • Scott has fixed access; boots properly now.
    • B'day, December 28th. Guest member helpers welcome.
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