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 <guppy> haha <guppy> haha
 <guppy> <guppy>
 +<SpaceBox> SpaceBox
 +<Kaldonis> SPACEBOX!
 +<SpaceBox> SPACEBOX!
 +<Kaldonis> !spacebox print a whistle
 +<SpaceBox> it dosent work from spacebox hey?
 +<Kaldonis> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> :P
 + Wait, was that automatic
 + nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> fuck.
 +<FingerTech> lol
 +<Kaldonis> test nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> if that isn't a thing, make it a thing.
 +<Kaldonis> nope test
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> nope
 +<Kaldonis> nope!
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 + Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> lol!
 +<Kaldonis> nope nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<FingerTech> love it
 +<Kaldonis> !spacebox nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> hate it
 + unopened
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> heh
 +<SpaceBox> what is going on ?
 +<Kaldonis> someone programmed spacebox to reply with chuck testa when someone says... the n word
 + if you wouldn't mind, go to the scripts editor under the remote tab and turn it the fuck off
 +<FingerTech> no leave it!
 +<Kaldonis> heh ok leave it for a bit
 + but it will get annoying
 +<FingerTech> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> yes.
 + we've had bots before like this
 + people abuse them and then the bot gets kicked
 + doesn't mean it's not hilarious :P
 +<FingerTech> I think it's fun to have pop up when you've forgotten about it.
 +<Kaldonis> yeah, but that's followed by a 5 minute period of people being annoying with it :P
 +<SpaceBox> its def a pink shed thing .. whoever did it dosent expect it so stay for long ... its just good humor
 +<Kaldonis> my guess is Albert
 + it's funny, I just know where it will end :P
 +<srw7_> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 +<Kaldonis> Alright, so it was Scott
 +<srw7_> nope
 +<SpaceBox> Chuck Testa
 + haha
 +<Kaldonis> :P
 +<FingerTech> I'm still laughing out loud
 +<SpaceBox> me too
 </code> </code>
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