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 +==== Basic Overview ====
 +  * Use favorite CAD program to generate an STL file (in millimetres)
 +  * Load CAD file into Repetier-Host (on SpaceBox, or available here: http://​​how-to-2/​how-to-install-software/​)
 +  * Choose resolution & slice with Slic3r (within Repetier-Host) ​
 +    * If you get warnings or errors while slicing, or if the toolpath doesn'​t look right after slicing, try running the STL through http://​​
 +  * Print!
 +==== Useful Resources ====
 +  * http://​​ <-- Solidoodle user community
 +  * http://​​ <-- For fixing messy STL files (common when exporting complex objects)
 +  * http://​​2012/​01/​slic3r-is-nicer-part-1-settings-and.html <-- Talks about Slic3r settings in more detail, such as infill etc
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