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   * Regular Items   * Regular Items
     * Financials update     * Financials update
-        * $in bank+        * $3133 in bank, but rent hasn't come out yet 
 +        * 30 full members, 1 associate
     * Reports on Committees     * Reports on Committees
       * Workshop Committee       * Workshop Committee
         * Class requests?         * Class requests?
 +        * Soap workshop: Al and Leah showed up to help. Tony and Jim were sick and couldn'​t attend. 4 non-members had signed up and they were all out of country (thanks guys!).
         * Robot Workshop         * Robot Workshop
-        * Bike Workshop +        * Molding and casting workshop still on September 18. Bring $20 for materials. 
-    Tools+        3D modelling October 9 
 +        * Still planning to do T-shirt making November 27th. Bring $10 for materials. T-shirt provided, but feel free to bring your own.
   * New Business   * New Business
 +    * Jim would like to take pictures, names, and IRC nicks for our members. Will make a member board to be kept in the shop so we know who everyone is. Can include contact info, what their skills are, and what they are capable of running (at member'​s discretion).
 +    * James still wants to do a monthly post on projects. Please take pictures and provide short descriptions.
 +    * Jim will make up a poster to put up at U of S and SIAST.
 +    * SaskPower has donated $500 towards our organization thanks to Jon volunteering with us.
 +    * Report from Makerfaire:
 +      * Calgary Makerfaire was a great success. Lots of people from Saskatchewan there.
 +      * Al wants people to commit to helping at the next Makerfaire. James volunteered. Al is requesting group funds for 2-3 banners. Protospace will accept on our behalf anything we ship down.
 +      * In Calgary, building owner doesn'​t have to pay land tax if leasing to a non-profit. Something to look into here.
 +      * Protospace also did a periodic pledge drive asking for a small donation from members to add to a fund for future tools and projects.
 +      * Makerfaire has offered some funding if we bring a combat robotics event. Al requested space, power, etc. We'll look at either bringing our own arena or getting Protospace to build their own.
 +      * Could probably raffle off MAME cabinets. There was lots of interest in the Nanocade.
 +      * Can also get sponsorship for projects. Could also consider corporate sponsorship.
 +      * Next Western Canadian Robot Games will be at the next Calgary Makerfaire.
 +    * Regina has asked us about participating in IGNITE! October 10-11.
 +    * SaskExpo Comic Convention is September 20-21. Do we want to do anything there? We would have to pay for a booth ($195 for non-profit). $45 for a personal pass at the door. Probably too late to do something this year, but maybe next year.
 +    * Sheila is launching her Kickstarter for her action figure in 2 weeks!
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