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 == Meeting Minutes: September 8, 2015 == == Meeting Minutes: September 8, 2015 ==
 +  * Financials update 
 +    * Signing authority updated, all executive are on the account 
 +    * $2650 in the bank, but rent is not yet out, so about $1650 balance 
 +    * Rylan owes us $1000 for membership fees 
 +    * Currently have 30 full members, 8 associates 
 +    * Randy will be upgrading to full membership today 
 +    * Don Cameron joined us as an associate this month 
 +  * Tools 
 +    * Solidoodle is working again. Scott is going to try PET-G with it. 
 +    * MIG welder was requested. For now, if you need a welder, ask around; several people have them.  
 +  * Calgary Makerfaire is this weekend. One extra pass available. Need to find your own way there and accommodations. Leaving Thursday. Also last call for projects. 
 +  * Rylan is offering us a space if he can get his collab project together. Trying to lease the building on Idylwyld next to the kart track. Rylan wasn't here tonight, so need further details. 
 +  * Rylan will have a pick and place machine soon. Possibility to use it if desired. 
 +  * Remai Modern has approached us with a proposal to collaborate on workshops. Open for adults to learn and work on almost anything. One proposal is that, if there is a workshop we can help host (either here or elsewhere), they would handle registration and fees. Would also get us some exposure to people who may wish to become members. They don't have space for this year as they are transitioning from Mendel Art Gallery to Remai Arts Centre.  
 +  * Going to setup a workshop for Remai Modern members to come check out the space. Thinking of a laser cutting workshop. We offered $15/person for attendance. Offering Sept 24.
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