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 == Meeting minutes: May 10, 2016 == == Meeting minutes: May 10, 2016 ==
 +  * 12 full members in attendance
   * Regular items   * Regular items
     * Financials update     * Financials update
-        * $in bank +        * $3069.43 ​in bank. Rent still to come out. 
-        * members+        * 29 full members, 4 associate 
 +        * Reviewed financials. Motion to accept without audit raised by Albert. Passed unanimously.
     * Tools     * Tools
       * Status of Peachy'​s laser cutter       * Status of Peachy'​s laser cutter
 +        * Currently not for use. May be for sale. Please do not touch.
 +      * Albert has ordered a new laser cutter. Will be available for use by members. Will take >1 month to arrive.
       * Need new blade for bandsaw       * Need new blade for bandsaw
 +        * James will see if we have one. If not, will purchase one.
   * New business   * New business
-    * We now pay for our own internet +    ​* Given Rylan'​s current situation at Peachy, are willing to run a tab for his membership dues. 
-    * Loraas has been discontinued +    * Linda has left. If she subleases, we will have to leave. She has verbally informed us that she will give us 60 days notice if required. 
-    * Must review and vote on financials at this next meeting +    * Given that, we are looking for a space. 1200-1500 sq.ft. Have about $1500/mo available for rent and utilities. Keep an eye out. 
-    * PetroTag moved out; need to start looking for a new space (or make arrangements)+    ​* We now pay for our own internet. In Techworks name, but undersigned by Albert. 
 +    * Loraas has been discontinued. Will be gone end of the month. After that, we will have to bring out any garbage we bring in. 
 +    * Board meeting to be held Thursday, May 12th.
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