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         *The temperature point is resetting for some reason         *The temperature point is resetting for some reason
         *Have to watch when printing         *Have to watch when printing
-    * associate membership - all done?+    * Open house July 19 
 +      * Rylan will get us a sign to advertise 
 +      * Robot arena coming 
 +      * Scott has a Google Doc for planning timed demonstrations 
 +      * Start at 10AM
   * New Business   * New Business
     * Periodic workshops on using tools     * Periodic workshops on using tools
-    * BBQ in July 
     * Calgary Makerfaire 2014     * Calgary Makerfaire 2014
-    ​Volunteering at the Jazz festival +      ​Leah and Al registered. Al taking small laser cutter. Call for projects. Event is Sept 6-7. 
-    * Stuff from ENTS       ​+    * Stuff from ENTS - Still waiting to hear back. 
 +    * Rent may go up as a result of landlord paving parking lot as part of expanding the building.
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