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 +===== Minutes for January 25, 2011 =====
 +A few of us had a chat at Paul's place on the 25th of Jan. Here's what we talked about.
 +  * Articles of incorporation - decided the remaining outstanding issues. Ryan will edit the wiki.
 +  * Board of directors - Min 3, max 7. President, VP (if >3 directors), treasurer, secretary. Others are directors at large.
 +  * Discussed and revised mission statement. Ryan will edit the wiki. 
 +  * Discussed financial feasibility.
 +    * It was suggested that we raise membership rates, or have tiered membership. No decision.
 +    * Paul will look for cheaper locations.
 +  * Spambots are invading forum and wiki. Paul will add additional moderators to forum, and see how to add sysops to wiki.
 +  * Insurance - discussed appropriate amounts for liability insurance, and the possibility of D&O insurance. Brett will seek legal advice.
 +  * Legalese - looked at Milwaukee'​s waiver, lease agreement, and membership agreement. They look good, but Brett will seek legal advice to make sure they are appropriate for SK.
 +  * Future meetings were discussed:
 +    * 2 weeks advance notice if possible
 +    * Minutes to be taken and posted to the wiki and/or forums after the meeting
 +    * Consider using a more formal "​motion/​second/​vote"​ system
 +    * Agenda to be posted in advance
 +  * Software - if hosted by the space, it should be legit
 +  * Sponsorship
 +    * Possible "donor wall"
 +    * Corporate sponsors - appoint one or more people to chase sponsorship
 +  * Possible revenue sources
 +    * Classes - lab fees + donations?
 +    * Membership fees
 +    * Storage rental?
 +    * Rent out rack or server space?
 +    * Canteen. A vending machine was suggested instead of an honor system.
 +  * Random thoughts on membership:
 +    * Vouching
 +    * Anyone who donates before space is open is grandfathered in, no vouch
 +    * Provision in bylaws for voting out problem members
 +  * Member projects should be both legal and safe
 +  * Guiding principles: be safe, be legal, don't be a dick.
 +  * A safety committee was suggested, as well as training on tools before use
 +  * Not actively pursuing spaces until we have seed money in the bank. Can look and see what we like/​don'​t like, though.
 +  * Financial stuff:
 +    * Signing authority - the board has signing authority, 3 signatures required.
 +    * No debit/​credit card, all with checks where possible
 +    * Keep petty cash on hand, managed by treasurer. Treasurer to report on expenditures.
 +  * Votes: online? Through the forum? (Can the admin see who voted for what?)
 +  * Provision in the bylaws for virtual meetings (IRC or something)
 +  * Don't worry about having a shop full of fancy stuff. Provide a space and things will come.
 +  * Bylaws to be finished on the wiki over the next few days. Tim to finish framework, everyone else to review and edit
 +Action items:
 +  * Ryan: update wiki, finalize articles of incorporation
 +  * Brett: talk to lawyer friend
 +  * Paul: start looking into cheaper spaces, add forum moderators and/or wiki sysops
 +  * Tim: finish first pass of bylaws
 +  * Everyone: review and edit bylaws
 +  * Post completed articles/​bylaws to the forum for all members to review, and have a vote (on the forum, or at the next general meeting)
 +  * Start nomination process for board, assuming there is consensus on the board structure in the bylaws
 +Goals for next general meeting:
 +  * Start incorporation process (this is ready to go, just need a vote on the articles)
 +  * Nominate/​elect board
 +  * Ratify bylaws
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