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 +== Meeting Minutes: January 13, 2015 ==
 +  * Regular items
 +    * Financials update
 +        * Treasurer is away, so no update
 +    * Reports on committees
 +      * Workshop committee
 +        * Another robot workshop "​soonish"​
 +        * Trebuchet workshop?
 +        * Blender 3D modelling workshop, tonight (surprise!)
 +        * Request for Solidworks tutorial; Andrew Wright knows how to use it and has offered in the past
 +        * A few people interested in PCB workshop
 +        * Request for a workshop on how to use Goliath (Albert to host), Thursday, January 29th
 +    * Member projects
 +    * Tools
 +      * Jim Meier is ordering bits for the Sureline; if you want something, let him know and he can combine shipping
 +  * New business
 +    * Wilson Center want to collaborate with us on hack nights; need to discuss what they think we do and how we could work together. Will include Sheila on this.
 +    * Interest in an analog games night? Yes! February 7th, afternoon.
 +    * LAN party, March 21st. Starting afternoon and going into the night.
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