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 +== Meeting minutes: January 10, 2017 == 
 +  * 8 full members in attendance. No Quorum 
 +  * Reviewed minutes from December 13, 2016. Deferred accepting meeting minutes to next meeting 
 +  * Members: 
 +    * Treasurer absent due to sickness 
 +    * Jeff Martens-Koop applied for membership 
 +  * Finances: 
 +    *Treasurer absent due to sickness 
 +  * Membership Engagement 
 +    * Social events  
 +      * Game night - suggested Thursday nights or Saturdays 
 +      * Social events -  suggested Thursday nights or Saturdays 
 +      * small talks - members and non-members to give talks on the 4th Tuesday of the month 
 +        * first event to take place on the 24th of January 
 +  * Acknowledgements:​ 
 +    * Thanks to Andrew Wright for the beautiful sign that decorates the front 
 +    * Thanks to Jordan for hooking the laser cutter back up 
 +    * Thanks to Scott for starting and running the store  
 +    * Thanks to Albert for creating the equipment maintenance schedule 
 +    * Thanks to Randy Burns for all the electrical and other work he has done improving the space 
 +  * Bylaws and Policies: 
 +    * John has put together a draft and submitted to the board. There still needs to be many revisions 
 +    * bylaws should be completed for the AGM 
 +  * Equipment:​ 
 +    * Laser cutter has a new circuit installed that will switch both the laser cutter and the ventilation fan. 
 +    * there is a now an equipment maintenance schedule. will be shared most likely on the wiki.  
 +    * safety signs will be added to the machines soon 
 +  * Equipment rental idea 
 +    * asked membership about renting equipment to non-members on a model that the non-member would receive training and would require paid supervision 
 +      * general consensus is that it is a good idea but details need to be fleshed out 
 +  * Scott proposed the idea of having a terminal to accept payments  
 +    * Scott will pursue further 
 +  * Rylan suggested that we approach the new neighbours about collaborating the workshops for their long arm machine and our laser cutter  
 +    * The board will pursue the idea 
 +    * it was mentioned that fabric types that can be cut using the laser should be determined 
 +  * Rylan found his high-speed camera and Infrared camera 
 +    * members can approach him if they would like use it 
 +  * We now have a PST number. Hooray! 
 +  * New lock on the back gate. If you don't have the combination,​ ask another member. 
 +  * Be sure not to block the overhead door of our neighbours. They use them at all hours. 
 +  * Next meeting moved to February 21, 2017
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