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 == Meeting minutes: February 21, 2017 == == Meeting minutes: February 21, 2017 ==
 +  * Attendance: 9 members. No quorum. Since the last meeting failed to meet quorum, meeting went ahead without quorum.
 +  * Motion to accept meeting minutes from December 2016 and January 2017 passed with 8 of 9 votes (1 abstained).
   * Regular items   * Regular items
-    * Previous meeting minutes+    * Previous meeting minutes
     * Financials     * Financials
       * Results of January 2017       * Results of January 2017
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         * Additional recognized income: $266.67         * Additional recognized income: $266.67
         * Recognized net income: $165.34         * Recognized net income: $165.34
 +    * 2 more members arrived
     * Membership     * Membership
-      * Total membership: 35 full members, 2 associate members 
       * New members       * New members
         * Jeff Smith         * Jeff Smith
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         * Taylor Serson         * Taylor Serson
         * Darren Cook         * Darren Cook
 +      * Total membership: 35 full members, 2 associate members
 +    * Social events
 +      * Presentation about hackerspaces at Francis Morrison Library on 30 March 2017. Will be screening a documentary about it. We were invited to give a talk. Albert will be presenting it.
 +      * CNC router training was presented on 19 February 2017. Two people were in attendance.
 +      * Robot building workshop will be held in June by Albert at the Saskatoon Public Library.
 +      * John will hold a soldering workshop on 23 March 2017.
 +      * Laser cutter training will be hosted in the near future. No date decided yet.
 +      * First hack night presentation will be 28 February 2017. John will show and discuss his automated cat feeder.
 +      * Looking for others to hold hack night presentations. If interested, contact Scott.
 +      * Remedial movie night will be on 10 March 2017.
 +      * Dim sum on 18 March 2017 at 11AM at Yip Hong'​s.
 +      * Jeff Smith suggested exporting our website events to a Google calendar. Scott will look into it.
 +    * Acknowledgements
 +      * Everyone in attendance for helping clean up.
 +      * Andrew Wright for helping with our networking, including setting up the APU as our new router/​firewall.
 +      * Jeff Fisher for providing the APU.
 +      * Randy Day for developing our new door access system.
 +      * John Tumbach and James Cooper for creating our revised bylaws.
 +      * Rylan Grayston for donating $500.
 +      * SaskPower (care of John Tumbach) for donating $500.
 +      * Scott Walde for cleaning up the optics in the big laser cutter.
 +    * Changes proposed to the bylaws. Will be voted on at the upcoming AGM. Details will be provided in advance.
 +    * Reminder of how to use laser cutter. Turn on switch on the wall (for fan and power), turn on switch on power bar behind laser cutter (for chiller), then turn on laser cutter. When turning off, turn off the laser cutter, then turn off chiller, and leave fan on for awhile to evacuate. Full instructions will be posted by the laser cutter in the future. Anybody who isn't confident with this, please talk to somebody who is.
 +  * New business
 +    * We are bringing back the scrap bin. You may put left over materials there for others to use. Any materials in there may be removed at any time. This is separate from the purgatory.
 +    * New hackerspace opened up called Saskatoon Makerspace. Membership is $110/month. Training and tests are extra. Machine time also costs extra. Drop-in rates are also available.
 +    * Drop-in 3D printing is available at Create Cafe.
 +    * Nathan Grayston offered to make us a nice poster. We just want to make up our own picture for it instead of using a stock photo. Andrew Wright offered to take it; just need a model.
 +  * Reminder of new space rules:
 +    * Back gate has a combination lock. Be sure to lock it after business hours, even if you are here.
 +    * We have 3 parking spaces in the back. Do not block any doors or the dumpster.
 +  * AGM to be held 14 March 2017. Randy will be our Returning Officer. Board member elections will be held. Changes to bylaws are proposed. Board nominations will close end of day 6 March 2017.
 +  * After meeting:
 +    * Review purgatory box
 +    * Nominations for board members
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