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 +===== Minutes for August 9, 2011 =====
 +  * reading of previous minutes - no errors or omissions
 +  * moving website DNS, backup forum, etc - we should talk to Adam, no one has heard from him lately
 +  * fire extinguisher acquired from Tim (brought from home)
 +  * trash cans have been purchased
 +  * Ryan S will allow people to use parts form his parts containers - feel free to use parts for projects, if you take something, put something else back
 +  * Albert L recycled non-functioning monitors and CRTs
 +  * Ryan S will demonstrate CNC usage tonight
 +  * Expense reports - andrew will create and distribute
 +  * Note: please do not throw away scrap lumber
 +  * scrap electronics - to be recycled monthly (spot to be decided)
 +  * Ryan group project proposals: CNC 2.big, quad copter, space program, UAVs
 +  * Kurtis: Halloween - project ideas? haunted house? possibly in cooperation with wilson'​s greenhouse
 +  * Paul/Adam should give Tim and Andrew access to web server and domain name
 +  * we should backup forum/​wiki/​etc
 +  * Kurtis will bring in circular saw to finish wall, then paint remaining items
 +  * Kuris will paint storage bins
 +  * project idea: peg board rack on castor wheels
 +  * Andrew needs to bring hardware in to build soft wall
 +  * Andrew to make a list of items that we talked to peter about (additional electrical circuit, getting lights on switches, exhaust fan, HVAC hookup, outlet covers, circuit for sump pump)
 +  * ask Paul about security webcams
 +  * Need to create inbox/​outbox for membership forms, expenses, etc
 +  * we should post rules for tool use
 +  * we should put "wear safety glasses: sticker on tool room door. - Kurtis to ask Steve @ hardpressed
 +  * Ryan to make a place to store safety equipment
 +  * Ryan will make vouching application form
 +  * remove want list from forum - add to wiki
 +  * Utilize similar to PS1's "​elevator speech" ​
 +  * Create forum poll on what night open hack nights should be
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