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 +guppy_ is now known as guppy 
 +<​guppy>​ wtf 
 +<​guppy>​ I was going to go buy it! 
 +<​guppy>​ and I see someone already owns it! 
 +<​guppy>​ and it's hosted at my work! 
 +<​guppy>​ and it's bun-bun! 
 +<​guppy>​ wtf 
 +<​guppy>​ he bought it the other day 
 +<​guppy>​ damn it, how is bun-bun not here right now! 
 +<​guppy>​ wtf 
 +<​guppy>​ haha 
 +<​guppy>​ http://​​ 
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